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The Enchanted Empire

Halloween Funny Exercise Muscle Socks

Halloween Funny Exercise Muscle Socks

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Product information:
Pattern: Character
Color: yellow and black Halloween pumpkin, bright yellow and Brat, white background Forrest Gump vine stem or root, Halloween orange, Halloween purple, bloodsucking teeth, snail small bones, small skulls, big skull, big bones, guillotine, rhombus Santa Claus, snowman on red background, tree on red background, deer on black background, white heel red and green stripes, green heel red stripes, hat, white Christmas tree, striped deer pattern, Santa Claus head statue, golden snowflake, deer, Christmas tree dots, Christmas stockings children, old man gifts, white background Christmas stockings, little Santa Claus, dark blue deer, red snowflake deer, Green crutch, red background old man's head, cactus Christmas style
Length of socks: high cylinder
Main fabric composition: nylon/nylon
Size: S/M,L.XL
Function: antifriction
Style: Sports

Packing list:
A pair of socks

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